Nomadic Real Estate for Buying Needs

Nomadic Real Estate for Buying Needs

My husband and I decided that we wanted to buy a home. Our lease on our apartment was almost up, and we were done paying rent. We wanted to start paying to own something, and our credit was finally in a good enough place to do this.

We started looking around at homes for sale and found several in the area we were interested in looking at. We found lots of homes that were priced within our price range and that were the size we were looking to buy. We found several listings we liked with Nomadic Real Estate.

Buying Process

After looking through the pictures on the website for different homes listed with Nomadic Real Estate, we decided that we wanted to contact them so we could look at these homes. We contacted them through their website, and an agent got back to us fairly quickly. We made an appointment to look at our first home.

When we looked at the first home, we decided it wasn’t in the best location. We let the real estate agent know and told them about other listings we were also interested in. They said they could make arrangements to look at all of the homes we wanted to look at. We let her know that would be fine and to let us know when we can look at them. We also told her that we are available in the evenings and on the weekends too.

She contacted us the next day to let us know the lineup of the homes we wanted to view. I wrote down the times and homes and told my husband. There were a few of these homes that my husband and I both liked and we weren’t sure which one we wanted to buy.

After discussing all of our options later that night we decided on which one we wanted to get. I contacted the real estate agent with Nomadic Real Estate and let them know which home we wanted to buy. She said she would get the paperwork on the home ready and we could get the loan processed.

There are still a few more things that have to be done before we can close on our new home. We did work out an agreement with our landlord to pay on a monthly basis until we can move into our new home.

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